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Original Artwork

Charles Brindley’s original drawings and paintings offer the collector a wide range of purchase options.

Graphite on paper small pieces (apprx. 8x10 in.) begin at $300. and continue up to large (30x40 in.) highly complex drawings that are priced up to $6000. Moderate size, highly complex drawings range in price between $2000 and $4000.

Oil on canvas, linen or wood panel small paintings (appprx. 6x10 in.) begin at $400. Moderate size paintings (apprx. 14x18 in. to 36x48 in.) are priced between $1000. and $6000. Brindley’s larger, major paintings range in price from $6000 to $15,000.

Charles Brindley has a long and successful history of producing commissioned work for individuals, corporations and various art entities.

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